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Easter is right around the corner, and if you’re kind of creeped out by those tablets, you may be looking to go the natural route for egg dying!

A couple of the owners at On The Turtle’s Back have chickens (or, what we like to call in Harrisonburg, where it’s not totally legal, “bunnies”), so they’re lucky to have lovely brown eggs at their disposal. And though I’m a backyard chicken enthusiast, I left my girls behind after my last move. Alas!

Luckily, last year, I followed Crunchy Domestic Goddess‘s very easy tutorial and was delighted with the results.

The food supplies and the colors they give:

Red cabbage: Blue. A very rich color, might I add?

Tumeric (that spice you have but never use?): Vibrant Yellow

Chili Powder: Orange (ended up a “dusty” orange)

Red Beets: Fuschia/Mauvish

For Purple: After I had a lovely blue this morning, I put in in the beet juice for a few minutes and ended up with a bold purple.

Other colors that I haven’t test driven yet, according to Crunchy Domestic Goddess:

Canned Blueberries and Spinach: Green

How To: For Cabbage and beets, I cooked them (in separate pots, obviously) until softened. My boys grubbed on the beets, and I think I’m going to try my hand at kim chee with the cabbage…

Anyhow, for each quart of water, add 2 T of distilled vinegar.

I also did about 3-4 T of each spice in a quart of cold water, then added 2 T of vinegar.

Play with it. The little guys and I crayoned on our white (so as to catch the dye a bit better) hard-boiled eggs, then gently placed them in the dishes. I also left the cabbage leaves in with the eggs for a while, then soaked the eggs longer to give the eggs texture.

I let them sit overnight in the ‘fridge, checking on them periodically. Sure, it takes longer than those fizzy tablets, but look at the lovely results!

I love the texture, which you don’t have to have. Just remove all food bits and handle them carefully until they dry!

Happy Easter!


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