We at On the Turtle’s Back have founded our store on ideas of sustainability and carbon neutrality, which we activly seek by both recycling gently used products and selling locally made products. In this way we support the local economy and cut back on the emissions that go into producing and shipping goods over long distances. On the subject of sustainable Harrisonburg, I strongly support the measure before City Council presently to legalize backyard laying hens in Harrisonburg with the stipulations put forth by the Harrisonburg Backyard Chicken Project. As we work toward making Harrisonburg an effective Transition town, we have to look towards putting mechanisms in place to produce practical food sources in the city. Chickens not only create a constant source of protein with little necessary space or resources, but also provide fabulous fertilizer for backyard gardens, can eat large portions of organic food waste, and can be amazing pets and educational additions to any child’s learning process. Many legitimate concerns have arisen in this process, but many can be addressed with some dialogue and a well-written ordinance. I encourage anyone with opinions on this matter to visit the website http://www.thecitychicken.com and also to email hburgchickenproject@gmail.com with ideas or concerns. By increasing dialogue from all sides on the matter, we can help set Harrisonburg up for a more sustainable future while doing so within limitations that most residents can feel happy with.