Hello and welcome to the first of many On the Turtle’s Back blogging posts. We plan on using this blog to keep our readers updated on new ideas and thoughts on raising happy, healthy young ones with bright and beautiful futures. If you have any ideas for us to address, please write us at ontheturtlesback@gmail.com. We are always thrilled to hear your feedback and ideas!

Today we got in our first batch of Safe Sippys! We are carrying the original Safe Sippy and the Safe Sippy 2, which doubles as a straw cup and a sippy cup. In deciding which safe-feeding item to start with in the store, we went with Safe Sippy for a few reasons. The first is that it is a fabulously versatile, leak proof cup that is extremely easy to use. We also loved that the company is expanding into bottles as well (please send us your opinions on whether or not a stainless steel bottle is something you would be interested in!) Stainless steel was our preference in materials because, unlike plastic, it is completely safe and free of any leaching of toxins, and unlike glass it is extremely hard to destruct. We hope you will be as pleased with the Safe Sippy addition as we are!